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Graphics Design

We can provide a "one-stop" pre-production service for all of your garment graphics needs, from design to finished product.

Garment Graphics

Graphics Design

We can help you design what you would like to show the world. Should this be your company logo, a department award or just your social club image. If you do not already have a design, we can help you create one that will reflect your thoughts. Costs are totally dependent upon time spent in the creation of the design and can vary greatly. Sometimes, simplicity tells more than complexity can. (And will lower your design costs.)

Rates quoted on a per design basis.

CAD-Cut Material/Designs

This is our earliest area of endeavor. We can provide CAD-Cut, thermal transfer vinyl, weeded and ready to apply. Most of our work in this area, involves sports teams. We create the team logos, the team numbers and the team member names, cut and ready for application. If you do not have a heat transfer press, we can apply the CAD-Cut vinyl onto the garments, for you.

We carry a large stock of Thermal-Transfer Vinyl, mostly Stahl's. We do carry other brands, too, primarily in the specialty stock, such as Colored Glitter, etc.

We can provide to you, CAD-Cut Tackle-Twill, already weeded and ready to heat-tack onto the garment for stitching. Have a special color in mind? If the color exists in Tackle-Twill, we can provide your design on it.

Direct Digital Print

This is the newest service that we now provide. We can offer to you, direct printing upon the garment without any intermediary carrier. This allows your design to go directly from the graphics program in the computer to the special machine that prints that same design directly upon the garment.

In 99% of the cases, the very same graphics file(s) utilized to create the silk screens can be used to directly print onto the garment. This creates the opportunity to be able to offer to your clients, the ability to provide "one off" garments without the high costs of set up fees, minimum quantity runs, etc.

This also offers the opportunity to be able to supply the low count quantity of print runs without the high expense of setup fees and screens to your customers.

To date, the variety of items we have printed are:
    Tee shirts
    Women's Tops
    Youth Shirts
    Baby garments
    Fleece (Sweats)
    Pants (On Leg)
    Table Runners

Now, we are able to offer direct printing of any color upon the color garment.

Embroidery Digitizing Service

Can't digitize? Too busy to digitize? We can help you. We offer full digitizing service on any logo, deisgn, etc. We do not price our services based upon the number of stitches involved in the design, but on graduated steps, based upon design size, complexity, and such. There are no difference in fees for a design that has only one color or has ten (if the design remains constant, outside of the colors). Since each design is unique, we can not set a flat-fee for all designs. If you have a design, on paper or as an electronic file, contact us for a quote.

Silk Screen Films

Are you ready for a production silk screen print run on your garments? We can help you with the preparation of the production. Along with our graphics design services and our Direct Digital Print, we can provide you with the Positive Films of your designs that any silk screen shop can use over and over again to burn your designs onto the screens that do the actual printing on your garments.

Other Services

The CAD-Cut machine we use is a 24" wide cutting system that originated in the sign industry. As such, we do stock some sign vinyl and can provide you with ready to apply window signs and window stickers for the team members families' vehicles.

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